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Paul Eva


Paul Stephens began studying Yoshinkan Aikido in London, UK with Tony Yates (7th dan) 1986 and Jacques Payet (7th dan) in 1989. After acquiring his Shodan, Paul travelled to Japan and graduated from the 2nd Yoshinkan International Instructor Course at Hombu dojo (central school) in Tokyo 1993. He remained in Japan until 1996 employed by the Hombu dojo as a shidoin (teacher) of the Yoshinkan International Instructor Course and he accompanied Japanese Shihan (masters) on international tours. Paul eventually became the senior non-Japanese instructor in Japan. Since 1996 Paul has received instruction solely from Takeno Shihan 9th Dan


Eva Stauffer started studying Yoshikan Aikido at the Yoshinkan Hombu dojo in Tokyo in 1989. She graduated from the 1st ever Yoshinkan International Instructor Course, a year prior to Paul, and remained at the Hombu until 1996.After returning to London in 1996, Paul and Eva established the Yoshinkan London Aikido dojo. They have continued their study primarily under the instruction of Takefumi Takeno Shihan through visits to train at his dojo in Yamanashi, Japan. Eva currently teaches Aikido to 3 - 5 year olds at a Montesouri school.


Leo began training under Paul & Eva in 2009. He has travelled to Japan three times to take part in intensive courses run by Yamanashi Yoshinkan (2010, 2013, 2017). He also spent a year with Melbourne Yoshinkan in Australia before returning to the UK in 2015 to become an instructor at Yoshinkan London